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FINA GENERAL CONGRESS.5 June 2021 in Doha, Qatar

The FINA General Congress was originally scheduled to take place in Doha, Qatar, on 5th June 2021 with a full in-person attendance. However, due to continuing crisis and overall pandemic situation in many countries and territories, as well as various restrictions and difficulties with international travel, it makes clear that the organisation of such important event in-person and with full capacity is extremely challenging. To provide equal opportunity to every FINA Member National Federation to use constitutional right and participate in electoral process, vote and witness decisions on changes of FINA Constitution and other FINA Rules, it is proposed to organise the FINA General Congress 2021 in a format of “hybrid event”: a combination of on-site event with virtual elements such as LIVE streaming, on- line voting and multi-lingual interpretation, will be a solid solution that will allow to overcome many potential risks and difficulties caused by COVID crisis.

Considering current restrictions and requirements to maintain social distance between individuals and overall number of people at any gathering, it is recommended to plan a detailed control in the number of attendees at the event. Set up and management of facilities, accommodation, transportation, hospitality and all other services should be planned very well in advance, and will remain with very limited flexibilities for a change at later stage. Consequently, each Member National Federation will be invited to attend the Congress on site, but with one official representative only present in Doha. All confirmed official representatives will have the right to vote on-line from their location. Each confirmed delegate will be able to vote using unique and personalise access to voting system. The voting process is proposed to be organised with the service provider (Lumi- The company has proved records in organisation of various important General Assemblies and Congresses of different governing bodies and IF’s including important sessions of IOC.

ORGANISATION FINA Rule C 15.3.1, “each National Federation can be represented by two (2) duly appointed Delegates. Each Delegate shall have one (1) vote, provided, however, where a Member is represented by only one (1) Delegate, such Delegate shall be entitled to two (2) votes”. Due to the special COVID_19 pandemic situation, the following is proposed related to the organisation of this FINA General Congress 2021:

  • only one (1) Delegate per FINA Member Federation will be able to be present in Doha.

  • The appointed Delegate will receive financial assistance related to the travel and will be provided accommodation, meals and local transportation for a maximum duration of 3 days and 2 nights.

  • Depending on the COVID_19 situation and possible restrictions at the time of the travel, all delegates travelling to Doha must be aware that PCR or antigen test could be required, both when leaving their respective country or upon arrival in Doha.

  • No observers will be permitted on site. However, live streaming of the FINA General Congress will allow to reach a maximum number of audience. Pre-registration will be required through the streaming platform.

  • No accompanying persons and/or other NFs representatives, other than the officially appointed Delegate(s), will be able to be present in Doha.


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