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Countdown to History: First World Aquatics Championships to be held in the Middle East only 30 days away

Doha, Qatar, 3 January 2024: The first ever World Aquatics Championships to be held in the Middle East begin in 30 days’ time as Qatar prepares to host the flagship event between 2 and 18 February. Around 2,600 athletes from more than 190 countries will travel to Doha to compete in 75 medal events across six aquatic sports, with competitions to take place at the Aspire Dome, Hamad Aquatic Centre and Old Doha Port.

On this occasion, the Doha 2024 Local Organizing Committee held a press conference, sharing the latest plans and progress related to a variety of organizational topics. The General Director of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), Mr. Khaleel Ibrahim Al Jaber, and Sheikha Asma bint Thani Al Thani, Director of Marketing, Communications, Opening & Closing Ceremonies Committee have provided the local media with an update on the overall progress. The press conference covered organisational topics such as transportation, security, logistics, ticket sales, venue readiness, volunteers, mascots tours and participant statistics.

Khaleel Ibrahim Al Jaber emphasised the LOC’s dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience for athletes and spectators. He said: "We are committed to delivering a world-class event and experience for athletes and spectators alike. Preparations continue to run smoothly, and Qatar has proven itself to be a world leader in hosting sports events over the past decade, which is a legacy the World Aquatics Championships – Doha 2024 will continue. By embracing Qatar’s hospitality alongside sporting excellence, our event promises to leave a lasting impact on Qatar and the region."

Additionally, Sheikha Asma bint Thani Al Thani said: "This landmark event symbolises a significant milestone in our dedication to promoting sports in the region. As we get closer to hosting Doha 2024, we aim to continue educating and raising awareness about aquatic sports across our local communities. The LOC is also providing an opportunity for passionate individuals to get closer to the action and acquire valuable experiences through volunteering across diverse fields. We anticipate a showcase of unparalleled skill, dedication, cultural unity, and we encourage everyone to join us on our journey to making history.”

From his side, Husain Al-Musallam, President of World Aquatics said: "I am thrilled as we countdown 30 days to the World Aquatics Championships - Doha 2024. With 197 countries vying for victory across 6 sports and 75 medal events, this championship is the global aquatics showcase event and qualification gateway to the Paris 2024 Olympics. It's a celebration of aquatic prowess and a testament to athletes' dedication worldwide. Let's embrace the anticipation and witness the excellence that will unfold in Doha!" 

Mayfara and Nahim, the official Championships mascots, engaged with local media attendees during the press conference and have been touring around the city to raise awareness about the event and promote sustainability.

Furthermore, the 2nd Arab Age Group Aquatics Championships to be held from 10 to 15 January 2024, will act as a crucial test event ahead of the World Aquatics Championships.


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